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Survey the Landscape: Use your readers’ click behavior to measure specific areas of interest. Varying your topics and calls to action will ensure that there is something for everyone. Or not. Inaction itself is a measurable behavior, which can be used to eliminate unlikely prospects from your send list – and marketing budget. 

Segment your List: It’s important to realize what information you are sending to whom. A customer living in Alaska might not be as interested in your swimwear sale as a Florida resident. Configure your database or customer list to include pertinent demographics. (e.g. customer status, location, industry, purchase history, etc.). 

E-MAIL Marketing's ROI

According to projections by the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing will generate an ROI of $39.40 for every dollar spent on it this year. 

How does this compare to other popular marketing efforts? Let’s break it down: 

• Email: $39.40

• Search: $22.24 

• Online Ads: $19.72

• Mobile: $10.51

​• Catalogs: $7.30

But, sender beware: Email may be cost effective, time saving, and convenient for both sender and recipient, but it does come with risks.

Here are some words of caution before blasting your customer’s inbox.

Know the Risk: A loyal customer may become turned off to your emails should they become too frequent or lose relevance. Keep your messages short, to the point, and of value to the reader. Make sure all of your information is current and relevant. You don’t like wasting time, and neither do your readers.

Using E-Mail to
​Boost Customer Engagement