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marketing management

As a Marketing Strategist and Consultant I understand the road blocks and limitations that can be affecting your business performance. Equipped with a solid background and a passion for sales & marketing, my goal is to help you grow your business without breaking your budget. I start by learning about and listening for the voice and personality of your company. Then I infuse practical and affordable marketing strategies that will tell your unique company story, profitably increase revenue, and establish a strong, identifiable brand.

Collaborating with clients creates a collective energy that challenges and pushes us both to think differently/creatively in our pursuit of leads. This process expands your possibilities and allows us to create strategies that reach your important growth and revenue goals. I focus on developing integrated programs & implementing initiatives that engage prospects and customers, create opportunities, & generate revenue for client campaigns. Experienced in marketing (lead generation) and sales (conversion) I work to address all aspects of the sales cycle including list research & acquisition, call-centric prospecting and email marketing, strategy development with tactical execution & metric focused account management.

Based on the belief that the purpose of business is to create and keep a customer, my strategic marketing counsel, creative solutions and honest, hard work have been designed to do just that. Let me help you achieve your most ambitious lead generation objectives; my success is only measured when you meet or exceed your sales and revenue goals.

It's really very simple. My job is to introduce you to your next customer. And I do that through creating quality content, E-Mail Campaigns, and Call Programs. These tactics create opportunities for customers to find you. They are the thread that ties you to your market while establishing and building trust and confidence in your brand.

Harriet Schneider 
Marketing Consultant/Managing Partner 

“Harriet's marketing skills are outstanding. Her problem solving is creative and attuned to the industry, and she has a strong network of referrals for our needs. She is able to create and manage a marketing-to-sales funnel and keep it robust.”​

Paula capps

Chief Operating Officer
MENTIS Software