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Sales & Marketing ALIGNMENT

With the help of your sales team, we learn your buyer's profile, needs, and the signals they display as they progress through the buying process. 

We establish a speedy, seamless and efficient hand-off process too, so that no leads go cold.

By integrating call and email campaigns you can see exactly what your prospects and customers are looking at. And when you start a conversation with that, it makes everything easier to talk about. 


So you think cold-calling is dead? Kind of like a rotary phone?

Granted, while you probably won't be using that old phone anytime soon, I bet you couldn't go a day without your mobile phone. It's a tool that makes your life easier and more productive - but it's still a phone!

Cold-calling is a tool as well. But if you're doing it the same way it was done 20 years ago, well, no wonder you aren't seeing results! Businesses and their sales teams are reaping higher qualified leads and bigger ROIs not by writing off cold-calling but by taking a new approach to it. 

Instead of expecting their highly skilled and paid sales people to prospect and generate their own leads, they are reaching out to companies like Red Thread Marketing to provide dedicated support teams to do that. 

Our Intelligent Outreach Cold-Calling is focused on email OPENS and CLICKS, and our results are not only reliable but predictable.

Intelligent Outreach:

  • Eliminates random cold-calling 

  • Finds the best qualified contacts for conversation 

  • Keeps salespeople focused on sales activities​

"Making your field salespeople do cold calls means having your highest-cost (per hour) sales resource perform the lowest-value (per hour) activity ."