I never give my heating or air conditioning unit a second thought…that is, until it stops working and then I’m in a panic.

Who do I call? Everyone I talk to has ‘a guy,’ but honestly, I don’t trust any of them. Why should I? I know nothing about the companies, technicians, HVAC in general, and past history with repairs like this tells me that they are going to suggest things that are going to be very costly.

So while this repair wasn’t in my plans, now I’m forced to make a decision. I go to the Internet, or call my brother-in-law, or ask my neighbor for a recommendation. Why? Because no HVAC companies have been marketing to me; sending me suggestions for keeping my investment in tip-top shape. No articles on how air filters can help keep my allergies in check, or why kicking down my thermostat will help me sleep better at night.

All of us wish we knew EXACTLY when the timing was right for us to contact a prospect. It would make our job so much easier. But it’s pretty tough to determine who needs what and when before the fact.

But what if we took an approach that keeps us in front of our prospects on a regular basis? We could remove timing from the equation by offering engaging, informative, and helpful information about our products and services so that when our prospects are ready to buy (it’s 104 degrees in the shade and their furnace just spit out a puff of cotton), they will naturally contact us.

Lead Generation is all about timing!

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636 686 0163

That is the value of publishing a consistent e-mail newsletter. And it trumps the need for impeccable prospect timing every time.

As a printing company, you have two valuable assets:  your knowledge of the print industry and your existing relationships with customers and prospects.

Leverage both of those assets with an e-mail newsletter. It’s a proactive, inexpensive way to attract new customers and keep existing customers engaged and close.If you’d like to learn more about the value of e-mail newsletters, ask for a 30-minute consultation – provided by me and compliments of Compton Graphics Group. Click Here to Request. 

E-MAIL Marketing is all about timing