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What happens in one minute at the Post Office? Just saying.

By taking the best of the past (using newsletters to engage your audience) and infusing it with the best of the present (email marketing technology) you can take the same great creative, eliminate printing and postage costs and reach your audience faster, cheaper and with the added bonus of being able to actually SEE what they are doing with your message. Did it get delivered? When? Did they open it? Click on something? And you can proactively reach out (yes, pick up the phone) and call them to have a conversation. It’s all about control. And that’s completely in your hands.

Is there still a place for direct mail? Of course. But let’s be smart about it. Ask your contacts how they would like to be communicated with. If they give you an email address, by all means use it. If not, find other ways like direct mail to reach those contacts. You’ll see your leads and revenue go up and your cost go down.

Are you using email?

EMBRACING the Right Amount
​of Technology

Somewhere between the young kid who seemingly has an electronic device fused to his hand and an old foggy who thinks the web is something made by a spider, lies balance.

We hear that word a lot, don’t we? We’re encouraged to establish a good work/life balance and eat a balanced diet. But balance is also the stuff that great marketing strategies are made of. Too much or not enough reliance on technology can really hurt your business.

I spent 10 years in the direct mail industry. We mailed a lot of newsletters. I liked them much better than postcards. They were creative, informative and quite honestly, a great deal of fun to put together. You’d start with an engaging design, fold in compelling copy, print it on crisp paper and push it out to mailboxes across the country.

But then something happened. September 11, 2001. An attack on the Twin Towers, on America and on American businesses. And to further drive the nail into Direct Mail’s coffin, this attack was quickly followed by random anthrax attacks, forever changing direct mail and the people who relied on it for marketing their company and for making a living. Companies scrambled to find alternative ways to get their messages to customers and prospects and I scrambled to find a new job because the old one simply went away.

As they say, when one door closes another opens. For me, the opening door was email marketing. I walked through it and have never looked back.

During the last 7 years, it has become the very core of what we do to market ourselves and our clients as well. It has taken the very best of old-fashioned direct mail newsletters and fused that with the robust technology of electronic marketing. The result? Communication that happens at the speed of the internet. How fast is that? Well in one internet minute there are 204 million emails sent. 277,000 people log in and 2+ million Google Searches are launched.

Are You Using
​E-Mail Marketing?