Harriet Schneider is one of those people.  She consistently gets things done and drives revenue through collaboration, partnerships, and marketing strategies. With an enthusiastic, high-energy and genuinely friendly demeanor, Harriet radiates a sincere desire for delivering value, benefits and results to the companies she works for and to her clients. 

As a marketing strategist, she understands the road blocks and limitations that can be affecting business performance. Equipped with a solid background and a passion for both sales and marketing, her goal is to help companies grow their business without breaking their budget. 

She starts by learning about and listening for the voice and
personality of each company and then infuses practical and affordable marketing strategies that will increase revenue while establishing a strong, identifiable brand.

In the business world there is a moderately small segment of
leaders that can build relationships, trust, and rapport with almost anyone, and then parlay those relationships to make connections

between people, create strong reciprocal partnerships, and inspire the drive to get important initiatives accomplished.​

"No one ever succeeds
​without the help of others."


The RED Team -
Harriet Schneider Managing Partner

A Chinese legend tells us that people destined to meet are tied together by a thin, invisible red thread. The imagery of that thread is so simple; a visual metaphor of connection between people, as well as communities, organizations and businesses.

We believe E-Mail Marketing is the Red Thread that will tie you to your prospects and current customers, and that is the reason we chose it as our company name and decided to focus on using
​E-Mail to help connect companies and organizations with their contacts in meaningful and enriching ways.

The way we communicate has changed significantly in the last several years and become less about face-to-face interaction and more about electronic connection. In this rapid-paced world, we’ve come to appreciate the convenience and necessity behind E-Mail Marketing. It allows us to reach out to and keep in touch with a large number of people but in a more personal way. So as each month passes and our E-Mail messages get to their intended audience, the red thread shortens and tightens, bringing us closer to those we are meant to reach and help.

Though we may come from different places, backgrounds and upbringing, what ties the Red Thread team together is our shared vision for happy clients and marketing that works. 

We have both the experience and passion to drive your business forward. And every marketing strategy that we recommend is because we believe it will help you reach your important revenue goals. We work together, hand in hand, to put our best foot forward! 

Connected By
​An Invisible RED Thread

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